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Whitespaces for HSPA+/LTE offload

September 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Increasing spectrum supply is good for all wireless carriers, handset vendors, and providers of wireless apps, wireless backhaul, and towers. Wireless demand is still likely to outpace supply, creating incentive and pressure on those without deep spectrum holdings. Emphasis on unlicensed could create opportunities for equipment makers and carriers to build out networks and devices that meet wireless data demands.

FCC by establishing unlicensed use of the Whitespaces has taken a major step towards universal broadband access similar to the UNII bands that are used today for Wi-Fi access. Wi-Fi today is being used to offload the macro network for traffic congestion due to smartphones and dongles, whitespaces which has better propagation properties which will allow users to have indoor penetration as well as indoor femtocell deployment. But the way FCC has carved out chunks of spectrum in different markets due to changes to legislation as well as due to incumbent TV channels, whitespaces will require both a database for spectrum availability as well cognitive devices to sense and operate in different channels. Hence, it would make perfect sense to use it as a complementary technology rather than a standalone technology, serving as a mechanism to offload the congested macro networks.

What are Whitespaces?
“Whitespaces” are unused television channels created by the allocation of spectrum in the broadcasters’ digital TV band. These channels are used to protect a broadcast in one channel from interference caused by signals transmitted in an adjacent channel. To solve this problem, the FCC left some channels vacant on either side of a licensed channel, called “adjacent channel” guard bands. To further prevent interference, the FCC did not assign the same channel for use in an adjacent geographic market — these are called “co-channel” guard bands. Here is a detailed study that I had done earlier. Read more…

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Whitespaces – Spectrum, Database & Ecosystem

September 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Whitespaces are frequencies allocated to a broadcasting service but remain unused. In the United States, it has gained prominence after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruled that unlicensed devices that can guarantee that they will not interfere with assigned broadcasts can use the empty white spaces in the frequency spectrum. The TV broadcast band in the United States has evolved through a number of changes over time, primarily due to the FCC’s desire to make more VHF and UHF bandwidth available for wireless usage for communications. TV White Spaces are unused TV broadcast channels, made more available through the transition from analog to digital TV. The FCC has not dictated specific modulation or protocol requirements for TV Band Devices (TVBDs), allowing TV White Space to employ a wide range of devices and applications on an unlicensed basis, similar to Wi-Fi.

Each TV channel is 6MHz wide

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