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LightSquared, Spectrum & LTE Deployment

September 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Operators have to make choices for technologies based on few rules – Technology, legacy network backward compatibility, technology ecosystem meaning vendors for Infrastructure/handsets and cost-benefit ratio. They also have to make choices involving which air interface technology to pick, but also which frequency band to utilize.  For the frequency band, both licensed and unlicensed alternatives exist providing different strategic paths.  Spectrum alternatives are compared based on ability to purchase, channel fragmentation, interference from other users, requirements to clear incumbent users, radiated power limitations and technology compatibility. These air interfaces are compared based on spectrum compatibilities, spectral efficiencies, link budgets and deployment costs.

In the near future, operators will be presented with, and challenged by, new and exciting opportunities to deploy LTE based mobile broadband services but like with any new network technology, comes the question of spectrum. Radio frequency is a valuable and finite resource and, today, there is simply not enough to satisfy demand. The need for spectrum is being driven by the pervasive convenience of mobile communications and increased penetration combined with improved performance and the falling costs of wireless devices & services. Read more…

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