About Me

I am a Sr.Engineer experienced in Telecom/ RF planning, Optimization, Network Performance of Cellular GERAN/UTRAN Networks with 11 years of Industry experience. I am open to exchanging ideas on topics of 4G/LTE, IP & Convergence, as well as broadband/WiMAX. I have a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering and am very passionate about my career, absolutely love what I do. I am very interested in emerging technologies and  contribute in the standardization process for IEEE / 3GPP forums.
I am always open for challenges and would love to help Technology adaptation, so feel free to contact me if you feel I can help. All opinions expressed here are my opinions, and don’t represent any organization, whatsoever.
Current Industry Contributions:
I have been very actively involved in the BTOP (Broadband Technology Opportunites Program) as a reviewer of grants for NTIA as well currently a SIG member for WiMAX Marketing Working Group (MGW).
So why am I sharing my knowledge and giving away food for thought free ?
I believe that Knowledge has no limitations and should always be free. Opensource in telecom is minimal and the least I can contribute is by making my blog downloads free. If you think that you would want to be a part of this, email me and I would be glad to collaborate.
Topics close to my heart –
– Software Defined Radio
Net Neutrality
– Spectrum
– Whitespaces
– Capacity Planning & Offload Mechanisms

Feel Free to connect to me at – http://telecomnormalized.tech.officelive.com/default.aspx or my linkedin.
All the opinions expressed in this blog are mine and represent no other organization or forum whatsoever, I am solely to blame for any mis-representation.
My Favorite quote from George CarlinProperty is theft. Nobody “owns” anything. When you die, it all stays here.
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